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How Do I Get Rid Of Mice In My Highland Home?

November 15, 2022 - Mice

Mystery novels are fun to read because you try to figure out the culprit as you weave through twists and turns. Most like a good mystery novel or psychological thriller movie, but we don't like to have a mystery about what is happening in our homes. Mysterious sounds emanating from walls or under the floor do not thrill us, but they cause concern. 

Scratching sounds inside the walls or underneath the floor indicate the possibility of mice in your house. If you hear these sounds, call the Highland pest control team from TrueShield Pest Control to investigate and stop the problem. We are a local family-owned and operated pest control company with years of experience removing mice from houses. Please read the following article to learn more about mice, why they are dangerous, and how to get rid of them. 

Does One Mouse Mean I Have An Infestation?

You may have seen the only mouse that is in your Highland home, but it is unlikely for these reasons:

  • Mice reproduce quickly: A mice infestation occurs quickly because just one female mouse can produce 35 mice annually. Astonishingly, a newborn female mouse can begin giving birth within eight weeks of being born! 
  • Mice sleep during the day: A daytime mouse sighting indicates many are in the home, and you saw the one that didn't make it back to the nest before daylight. 
  • Mice live in groups: Mice live in groups when inside homes. 
  • Mice call their friends: Once a mouse discovers a food source, it produces a pheromone to alert area mice of the food. 

There is a high probability that one mouse is a sign of mice infestation in the house. 

Can Mice In My Home Really Make Me Sick?

Mice may be cute, but they are dangerous. You need to keep mice out of the house because they carry disease, contaminate food, and can cause allergic reactions in children. All mice spread leptospirosis, tularemia, and salmonellosis; each species also distributes additional disease-causing pathogens.

Sewers, rotting food, animal feces, and other unsanitary conditions attract mice. Their greasy fur attracts surface bacteria, viruses, and parasitic worms when foraging and traveling in these disgusting areas. Later, when they move through a house, these pathogens fall off and contaminate kitchen countertops, cabinets, pantries, and exposed foods. 

Because mice consume rotting food, they ingest disease-causing organisms that they later deposit in urine, feces, and saliva on household surfaces polluting the areas. Consuming food in contact with contaminated surfaces is how diseases from mice to humans transfer. Allergic reactions or asthma attacks in children can occur from dried flakes of airborne feces. 

Get rid of mice in the house because they bring disease-spreading insects like fleas, ticks, lice, and mites. These tiny creatures latch onto unsuspecting hosts for blood meals and may infect the host with diseases.

Why Aren't Traps Enough To Keep Mice Out Of My House?

When we see a mouse, we immediately set up traps to catch it. While a mouse trap may catch a mouse or two, they do nothing to get mice out of the walls, determine what is attracting mice or prevent them from entering your Highlands home. 

The best way to get rid of mice is to secure the professionals from TrueShield Pest Control. When we inspect your house, we determine the nesting areas, hot spots, and entry points. Based on the home inspection, we will determine the best locations for baits and traps. We will seal entry points using professional exclusion techniques to prevent more mice from entering or returning. 

How Do I Get Rid Of Mice In My Home For Good?

Once our pest control technicians have eradicated mice from your Highlands home and sealed entry points, we recommend the following:

  • Seal indoor and outdoor garbage cans.
  • Vacuum the house frequently.
  • Wipe clean surfaces after meals.
  • Store food in airtight containers. 

Maintaining a clean and dry environment inside and outside the house will discourage mice from returning. Contact us today and schedule your free inspection!

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