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Rodent Warning Signs That Lehi Residents Should Not Ignore

January 15, 2023 - Rodents

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Rodents such as voles, mice, and rats are commonly seen in Lehi homes, especially as the weather turns cooler. They're looking for warmth, food, and water to survive. Our homes are perfect accommodations for them if they can find an entry point. If you're seeing rodents in your home or signs of their presence, it's time to call TrueShield Pest Control, a company that provides superior pest control in Lehi.

Problems Rodents Cause In Lehi

These rodents in Lehi can cause a number of problems if they gain access to your home. Since they're hungry, they'll get into your cupboards and pantry to see what they can find. They will chew holes through food kept in cardboard boxes or plastic bags. They'll get onto your countertops or tables, looking for crumbs. As they do this, they can contaminate your food or surfaces with a number of diseases that they carry.

Rodent gnawing can ruin many things within your home. Beyond chewing on the wooden portions of your home, they also chew on electrical wiring, insulation, plastic, toys, and more. Their droppings and urine can ruin clothing, flooring, and insulation. When their excrement dries, it turns to dust that mingles with the air in your home. When you and your family inhale this fine dust, it can trigger allergies and asthma attacks. These are all reasons why it's important to call TrueShield Pest Control at the first sign of a rodent in your home. 

Watch Out For These Rodent Warning Signs

Besides seeing a rodent in your home, what other infestation signs should you be looking for? 

  • Tell-tale droppings on the floor, in your cupboards or drawers, on your countertops, and elsewhere.
  • Gnaw marks on your electrical wires.
  • A musty odor you can't pinpoint.
  • Pieces of food or wrappers in odd places.
  • The sound of rodents in walls, especially at night.

Rats, voles, and mice are nocturnal rodents that love to do their dirty work at night when the house is dark and still. You may see them during the day, but nighttime is their busy time.

Three Things You Can Do Today To Help Prevent Rodents

It's important to safeguard your Lehi home against rodents at any time of the year, but you should become extra diligent before fall hits. You want to keep the outside of your home free from debris and garbage that might attract rodents. Other rodent control measures you can take to prevent rodents from getting into your home include:

  1. Seal holes and cracks on your exterior walls and foundation. Small rodents can fit through a hole the size of a dime, so it's important to look carefully and seal even the smallest areas. 
  2. Ensure garbage and food are sealed tightly in containers rodents can't gnaw through. Tightly sealed food also helps limit the smells attracting rodents. 
  3. Fix leaky hoses and pipes, and get rid of any standing water in your yard to minimize conditions that will attract rodents to your property.

While these measures won't help you get rid of rodents already in your home, they can prevent more from coming inside.

It Is Never Too Early To Call The Rodent Control Professionals

If you're looking to prevent rodents from making your house their home or need help getting rodents out of your house, call the professionals at TrueShield Pest Control. We offer great prevention services and highly effective rodent control in Lehi. We've been helping Lehi homeowners with their rodent treatments since 2018, and our customers have learned to count on us not only for rodent control but other pest control services as well.

At TrueShield Pest Control, we offer same-day and emergency services. Our professionals are highly trained and friendly to boot! We treat our customers like family. Our inspections are free, and we back all of our services with a satisfaction guarantee. Since we're family-owned and operated, we supply a good-feel service that puts our customers at ease. They know they are in good hands. Join them by contacting us today to get started and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Lehi.

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