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Should I Be Worried About Hornets On My Highland Property?

April 15, 2022 - Wasps

Hornets have a horrible reputation. You’ve likely heard the phrase “don’t kick the hornets’ nest” before, and this old saying illustrates just how terrifying these stinging insects can be. They will attack if they feel like their nests are threatened, and they do have the ability to inject venom when they sting. This means that hornets in Highland can be dangerous and challenging to remove, but there is help with Highland pest control for hornets.

How To Tell Hornets Apart From Bees Or Wasps?

The first fact about hornets is that hornets are a kind of wasp. All hornets are wasps, but many kinds of wasps aren’t hornets. The wasps you might be more familiar with are called paper wasps. These wasps create papery-looking nests usually found hanging from eaves and door frames. Hornets are similar because they only build aerial nests, but they come in fewer colors than paper wasps. Most hornets are a reddish-brown or brown color. Hornets also have a slightly thicker waist than wasps.

Then, the other fact about hornets is that they look quite different from bees. Bees are round and fuzzy, while hornets have a streamlined, hairless appearance. Bees also tend to be less aggressive than hornets and wasps, and they are much less likely to sting you. Bees usually have patterns of yellowish and dark brown or black stripes. 

What Keeps Hornets Away?

Many people try to handle hornets and wasp control on their own, and the best way to do this is to remove the factors that attract hornets in the first place. This means eliminating access to water sources and plants that hornets can pollinate. You can start by clearing gutters and ensuring that rainwater can drain. You should also ensure that hot tubs and pools are kept clean with cycled water. 

Next, focus on keeping your yard trimmed and maintained, and make sure not to plant too many flowering kinds of vegetation. You should also try not to overwater the yard or your plants.

But, while there are some ways you can implement wasp control on your own, the best way to handle these stinging insects is with assistance from the pest control experts at TrueShield Pest Control.

Does Professional Pest Control Help With Hornets?

The best and safest way to deal with hornets in Highland is by contacting TrueShield Pest Control for help. Hornets can be aggressive, especially when they feel threatened. So, if you’re trying to get rid of a nest on your own, you could put your health at risk. While not all hornet stings will lead to a serious reaction, hospitalization does occur. Some people are also allergic to their venom, so it’s important to be cautious and avoid being stung.

It’s not a good idea to handle hornet removal on your own, but our pest control professionals are here for you. We will remove any existing stinging insects and prevent them from coming around in the future. Give us a call today to find out more or request an inspection.

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