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Pest Control In Draper, UT

Draper is known for many outdoor attractions, ideal paragliding conditions, and even one of the most extensive zoos in Utah, the Living Planet Aquarium. But it's not just sea animals making a life for themselves in Draper; countless pest species are making themselves at home in Draper homes and businesses. 

If you're looking for quality pest control in Salt Lake County, turn to family-owned and operated TrueShield Pest Control. We provide customers with the services they deserve. We use safe and effective methods paired with high-quality products and years of experience to offer customized solutions to meet every need that comes our way. Our business began as a way to take care of families, customers, and the environment. We strive always to do what's best for our customers, including offering free inspections and a satisfaction guarantee. Call today to find out more, or sign up for one of our services. 

Residential Pest Control In Draper

Protecting your home and family is an integral part of life in Draper, and fulfilling this responsibility means knowing the causes of the many issues facing Draper properties. At TrueShield Pest Control, our mission is to take care of families, and we start by identifying pest issues and conducive conditions in and around your home. 

Following a thorough inspection, we provide an initial home pest control service that includes:

  • De-webbing around window sills and eaves.
  • Spot treating around windows.
  • Treating the foundation as well as cracks and crevices. 
  • Treating baseboards, corners, and window sills inside your home.
  • Treating other structures on your property like sheds and playsets. 

While our follow-up treatments generally focus on the exterior of your property, interior treatments are available upon request. 

Commercial Pest Control In Draper

It's not just homes and families that need protection from pests. Often Draper businesses are just as vulnerable to infestations as our homes. At TrueShield Pest Control, we provide comprehensive commercial pest control services to ensure your business stays protected from dangerous and destructive pests. 

We serve a variety of industries, including:

  • Office Spaces
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Restaurants
  • Property Management 
  • Storage Facilities
  • Manufacturing Facilities

If you are looking for high-quality commercial pest control services tailored to your industry, look no further than TrueShield Pest Control. 

We have years of experience, great attention to detail, and same-day and emergency services, and we use Integrated Pest Management strategies for safe and effective pest control. Protect your business with TrueShield Pest Control. Call or connect with us online today to request your free, no-obligation inspection. 

The Trick To Spotting A Bed Bug Problem In Your Draper Home

Bed bugs are secretive pests that can be tough to spot in Draper homes, but infestations are on the rise, and it is important to keep a close eye out for these parasitic insects. The longer bed bugs go undiscovered in your home, the more difficult they become to remove. Many people believe bed bugs are too small to be seen, but in reality, they are very good at hiding. While they are not invisible, you are often more likely to see other signs of bed bug presence in your home. 

You can spot bed bug signs by looking for these early indicators:

  • Small spots of blood or bed bug feces on bedding and upholstery.
  • Bed bugs shed exoskeletons, eggs, or eggshells.
  • Itchy red bites appear in lines or clusters on your arms and legs.
  • A strong, musty odor that grows over time.

If you notice these or other signs of bed bugs in your Draper home, it's essential to take action quickly. The professionals at TrueShield Pest Control can help with expert bed bug control solutions. Call today to find out more, schedule your inspection, and get on the path to a bed bug-free future!

How To Tell If You Have A Cockroach Problem In Your Draper Home

Cockroaches are another major problem for Draper homes that can sneak under the radar during the beginning stages of an infestation. These insects aren't just a nuisance; they spread 33 different kinds of disease-causing bacteria, six different parasitic worms, and seven other human pathogens, in addition to triggering allergies and asthma attacks.

Cockroaches are nocturnal, skilled at hiding, and incredibly fast, making them hard to detect at the early stages of an infestation. Some clues about cockroaches in your home include tiny droppings, damaged food packaging, smear marks near heavily populated areas, eggs or egg cases, shed exoskeletons, and an unusual odor.

By the time you notice live roaches scurrying across the floor, the population has likely grown to the extent that individuals are getting squeezed out of their hiding places. The best way to deal with a roach infestation is with help from TrueShield Pest Control. Call today for a free inspection or to find out more about our cockroach control options.

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