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Idaho Falls, ID Pest Control

Professional Pest Control Solutions In Idaho Falls, ID

Whether you’ve been in Idaho Falls for years or are one of the many residents recently relocated to our beautiful city, you know how great it can be. It is the perfect size, giving you a small-town feel with all the convenience and entertainment the big city can offer. When you combine that with all the opportunities for outdoor activities within an hour's drive, you find that Idaho Falls really does have it all.

Along with the entertainment options and chance for outdoor adventures, Idaho Falls also has its share of pest problems. At TrueShield Pest Control, we want to make sure that you can enjoy all that Idaho Falls has to offer without having to worry about these pests. Our goal is to provide quality service at fair prices. We always use the highest-grade products and stay up to date in the latest advancements in pest control, because keeping pests under control is our first and only priority.

Residential Pest Control In Idaho Falls, ID

After coming home from a long day, no one wants to deal with a pest problem. Even if you’ve spent all day out exploring nature, you don’t want nature to come home with you. Having pests in your home can cause a range of issues: they can destroy your home and property, jeopardize the health of you and your family, and make it impossible to feel comfortable in your own home. 

Our trained exterminators understand the issues that pests in your home can cause and are here to make sure your home stays safe and pest-free. Just a few of the pests that we specialize in include:

  • Spiders 
  • Roaches
  • Snakes 
  • Birds
  • Rodents
  • Other common household pests

Whichever common pest is causing you problems, we have the tools and experience to treat them. And you can rest assured that all of our residential pest control services are 100% guaranteed. If pests come back, we will too, at no charge. 

Commercial Pest Control In Idaho Falls, ID

If you are a business owner, you wake up every morning with a to-do list that you will be lucky to complete. The last thing you need is an unexpected pest problem to pop up and cause you more problems. Pests can cost you time and money, put your employees and customers at risk, ruin your reputation, destroy your building and inventory, and drive away business. 

At TrueShield Pest Control, we understand the value of a business that runs smoothly. It is our goal to keep your business protected from pests with our commercial pest control service. We will work within your needs and the standards of your industry to not only eliminate any active infestations but develop a prevention plan that keeps your business operation pest-free all year long. 

Why Professional Rodent Control Is Beneficial For Idaho Falls Businesses

Just picture your business full of people, everyone having a good time shopping and spending money. Then suddenly, a mouse scurries out of the corner and runs across the floor in front of all your paying customers. Now everyone is screaming, running for the exits, and no one is buying anything. In fact, it is doubtful if any of them will ever come back. Professional rodent control from TrueShield Pest Control can prevent this from occurring.

Even if you think you are tackling rodent control on your own with baits and traps, you are putting yourself at risk for the nightmare situation you just read about. Because of where rodents nest in your building and how fast they breed, infestations are hard to control and can happen very quickly. Our trained exterminators have the experience to know exactly where to look to find a rodent infestation, and exactly what to do to make sure they don’t show up and drive your customers away.

How To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Basement In Idaho Falls

Spiders have a bad reputation. They are known as the scary pest, the one that people can barely stand to look at. The truth is that spiders aren’t nearly as scary as we think they are. Most species are harmless to humans and actually keep the population of other pests lower. But just because spiders aren’t the nightmare you may have thought they were, doesn’t mean you want them around, making your basement their home.

Here are some things you can do to keep your basement spider-free:

  • Seal cracks and crevices around your basement walls and the foundation of your home.
  • Keep your basement free of clutter.
  • Before storing items like seasonal decorations in your basement, inspect them for signs of spiders.
  • Keep other pest populations down around your home.

At TrueShield Pest Control, we can develop a residential pest control plan that not only keeps your home free of spiders, but the other pests that they feed on. Call us today and let us get started keeping your home protected. 

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