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South Jordan, UT Pest Control

Professional Pest Control In South Jordan, UT

There are few places to live in the United States that are as beautiful as South Jordan. Surrounded by mountains and on the shore of the Jordan River, outdoor activities abound in our city. We experience all four seasons, live close enough to Salt Lake City to be within the metropolitan area without having to be right in the city, and are within a couple of hours of several quality universities. If you want to raise a family, this is the ideal place to do it.

Owning a home or business in South Jordan is a significant investment, and you want to do whatever you can to protect that investment. Keeping pests off your property is essential if you want to prevent the issues they can cause. You can trust the experts at TrueShield Pest Control for South Central Salt Lake County pest control. We guarantee your satisfaction because we are committed to doing what's best for our customers.

Residential Pest Control In South Jordan

You work hard to provide for your family. You give them healthy food, make sure they're safe, and provide for their needs. Ending up with pests in your house threatens all of these things. Pests can contaminate the food you buy, damage your house, and make your family fearful to be in their own home. 

Keeping pests out of your house protects your family, but if you're currently experiencing a pest infestation, don't lose hope. You can eliminate pest infestations with the right pest control company on your side. Getting to the root of a pest problem is essential in stopping it in its entirety, which is precisely what TrueShield Pest Control does. We provide residential pest control in South Jordan that meets your home's unique needs.

Commercial Pest Control In South Jordan

Whether you work in manufacturing, food services, property management, or another industry, your company does best when unrelated issues don't slow your business down. Pest problems are common across all commercial sectors and affect businesses in various ways, none of which are good. To prevent property damage, contaminated food and surfaces, and the harmful publicity pests bring with them, you must avoid a pest infestation.

TrueShield Pest Control provides commercial pest control services to South Jordan businesses that will protect your property from pests and their problems. Because we focus on developing relationships with our customers, you can be confident that we will get to know your business and its pest problems so that we can offer the best service possible.

Here's What Makes South Jordan Cockroaches So Dangerous

No one wants to walk into their kitchen for a midnight snack, flip on the light, and see cockroaches run for cover. It's general knowledge that cockroaches are not good pests to have in your South Jordan home, but most people don't truly understand what makes a cockroach infestation so dangerous.

There are a few things that make cockroach infestations dangerous. The most obvious reason you don't want them in your house is that they spread a lot of harmful pathogens. They can spread over 30 kinds of bacteria alone, so your family's chances of becoming ill significantly increase when cockroaches enter your house. 

Cockroach infestations are also dangerous because cockroaches are so challenging to eliminate. Once you end up with cockroaches in your house, nothing but professional pest control will entirely stop the problem. Cockroaches are excellent at hiding; they reproduce quickly and are extremely difficult to kill. Considering all of these things, it's no wonder that D.I.Y. cockroach control treatments don't work and can even worsen the problem. 

If you have cockroaches in your house, waste no time contacting TrueShield Pest Control. Our experienced technicians will provide the treatments and follow-up services you need to wholly and thoroughly eliminate your cockroach infestation.

South Jordan's Step-By-Step Guide To Effective Spider Control

If you've seen lots of spiders in your South Jordan home, you might wonder why they're there and what you can do to eliminate them. Spiders get into houses due to several factors, including wanting to get out of severe weather and looking for food or water sources. However, they'll only stay if they find what they need to survive.

For effective spider control, try the following:

  1. Seal entry points into your house, including gaps around windows and doors and cracks and crevices.
  2. Repair damaged screens so there are no holes in them.
  3. Check all plumbing areas to identify leaks and fix any you find.
  4. Reduce moisture in your home.
  5. Look for other pests in or around your house as they are a food source for spiders.
  6. Contact TrueShield Pest Control.

Finding many spiders in your house can indicate that you have another pest problem. TrueShield Pest Control can identify any pest problems you have, treat those problems, and protect your home from future pest control issues. Contact us today.

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